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The webinar will take place in 5 March  - 10.30-12.30 (UTC+1) on the Zoom video platform.The main topic of the workshop is the achievement of a preliminary alignment of positioning among the EU environmental NGOs with respect to the priorities on soil protection, the required rules at supranational scale, and the way to make them more effective. 

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The Soil4Life Manifesto

We, as part of the ecosystem, understand ourselves as guardians of the soil... The 5th of December 2019 is International Soil Day, and marked the  launch of the Soil4Life Manifesto first draft.  The manifesto begins: We, as part of the ecosystem, understand ourselves as guardians of the soil. Healthy, living soil is essential for life to thrive. In recent human history quality and care of soil has been largely ignored and misunderstood. The vital role that healthy soils play in our ecosystems needs to be recognised, protected and restored... We would like to hear and include the voices and concerns of all people affected by this serious and sensitive subject. The Soil4Life manifesto was first drafted on October 17th, 2019 during an international  soil management training, as part of the bigger Soil4Life project and CCIVS for Climate Justice. CCIVS and Legambiente partnered with other organisations to make this possible and a group

CALL to ACTION: Earth Overshoot Day, 22nd August 2020

August 22, 2020, corresponds to the approximate Earth Overshoot Day . Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. This is a real and scary fact that should have us jumping into action as a global community! For this reason, CCIVS calls IVS and other projects  all over the world to do a practical action to reduce carbon emission and contribute to Climate Justice . An effective manner for the IVS movement to raise awareness about our work is to showcase our good practices! We believe that from our homes, our gardens, we also can defend the values of this campaign and, for this reason, we want to call on you to share your actions, staff members, board members, activists, volunteers, to post on your social media what have you done and what you are doing from home under the hashtag #LocalActionsGlobalChange       CCIVS will be retweeting and sharing all your